Ferroalloys are mostly tied to steel industry whereupon about 87% of alloys are currently – year 2020 AD – consumed. The whole variety of steel grades – stainless steel, heat-resistant, high-strength, structural steel and vast variety of other steel grades and specifications – can be produced mainly thanks to application of various ferroalloys

Ferroalloys plays significant role in steel industry and quality of alloys is a paramount factor of achieving desirable and useful technical results as well as operational and financial efficiency. Ensuring that ferroalloys of appropriate quality suitable to needs of our customers has long ago got emerged into our mission. We supply various grades of ferroalloys worldwide on various terms with flexible commercial  arrangements that meet customers’ expectations

Country of OriginMajor quality paraments (Guaranteed, %)        
Brasil43.0 (min)9.0 (max)3.2 (max)9.0 (max)4.0 (max)2.5 (max)0.08 (max)
Ghana28.00 (min)16.00 (max)3.50 (max)2.00 (max)0.08 (max)6.50 (max)
Gabon48.5 – guarantee3.863.50.850.14 – guarantee
Lumpy. MMA50.0 – typical0.12 – typical
Gabon42.0 – guarantee7. – guarantee
F243.0 - typical0.12 – typical
South Africa35.5 (min)6.00 (max)0.4 (max)6.5 (max)0.03 (max)
South Africa37.0 (min)7.5 (max)0.3 (max)7.0 (max)0.025 (max)

Our achievements

Это заголовок

More than 7 years of cooperation with renowned market players

Это заголовок

Commercial operations spreading throughout 3 continents

Это заголовок

Annual sales exceed 1 million metric tons

More than 6 years of cooperation with renowned market players

Worldwide outreach of commercial operations and variety of customers

Annual sales stands for about [⁕??] metric tons for about USD[⁕??]

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More than 7 years on the market

The Group earned a reputation of the reliable and trustworthy partner among both suppliers and consumers of manganese ore. Our purpose is to add value to the supply chain by introducing ingenious commercial, managerial and financial arrangements that bridges the incentives of suppliers and user of the products

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Operating throughout 3 continents

From a mono-source supply model the Group has expanded its operations and currently is running manganese ore business throughout 3 continents. We were adding new procurement sources because our customers demanded that various grades of ore to be supplied as that was necessary to suit their production and marketing needs

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Annual sales exceed 1 million MT

Due to the vast expansion the suppliers and customers base the Group was able to escalate the volume of manganese ore delivered annually over
1 million tons with satisfaction and loyalty of all stakeholders involved also persistently growing. Today the Group is enabled to meet many various requirements regarding manganese ore supplies

In case you are interested in supply or purchase of manganese ore please contact us

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